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Caladen Straight Reducing Microduct Connector

Straight Reducer

A straight pushfit microduct connector that connects two different sizes of PU pipe.  Available in a variety of size to size combinations with different internal diameters.

Model No. From To
Size Inner Diameter Size Inner Diameter
9925 5mm 3.5mm 3mm 2.1mm
9926 5mm 2.1mm 3mm 2.1mm
70407 7mm 3.5mm 3mm 2.1mm
72059 7mm 3.5mm 4mm 3.5mm
33008 7mm 3.5mm 5mm 3.5mm
70031 7mm 5.5mm 5mm 3.5mm
70117 8mm 3.5mm 3mm 2.1mm
9927 8mm 3.5mm 5mm 3.5mm
70032 10mm 5.5mm 5mm 3.5mm
70033 10mm 5.5mm 7mm 5.5mm
9928 10mm 5.5mm 8mm 5.5mm
70034 12mm 3.5mm 5mm 3.5mm
9929 12mm 10mm 7mm 5.5mm
9930 12mm 10mm 10mm 8mm
70035 14mm 10mm 10mm 8mm
9931 14mm 12mm 12mm 10mm
70036 16mm 12mm 12mm 10mm

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Inner Diameter



Inner Diameter