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Straight Reducer with DB Cover

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Reducing Microduct Connector With DB Cover

Straight Reducer With DB Cover

These are push-fit tube connectors, each pre-fitted with a removable outer protective cover. Tube can be inserted normally into a protected connector, and the presence of the cover locks the connector, and ensures the tube cannot be accidentally released. The push-fit connectors are suitable for the sizes to match the covers and the covers are also specified separately.

Part No. From To
Size Inner Diameter Size Inner Diameter
71650 5mm xxmm 4mm xxmm
71657 7mm xxmm 4mm xxmm
72287 7mm xxmm 5mm xxmm
72288 10mm xxmm 10mm xxmm
72289 12mm xxmm 10mm xxmm
72290 14mm xxmm 12mm xxmm

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Reducing Microduct Connector With DB Cover