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Caladen Microduct End Stop Connector

End Stop

Caladen end stops are high quality push to fit fittings designed to offer the highest of performance for blown and drawn/pulled optical fibre installations.

The primary use of these resilient pneumatic fittings is for joining equal size diameter micro duct ranging from 3mm to 18mm O.D.

The end stop design incorporates a cassette type collet made from engineering thermoplastic.

Characteristics of this POM, or acetal material are high stiffness and low friction for positive duct insertion and disassembly. The excellent dimensional stability of acetal ensures consistent performance in a range of environmental conditions.

End stop fittings utilise clear polycarbonate for the main body. This material is highly light transparent, impact resistant and durable.

Below the cassette collet sits a stainless steel grip ring above a nitrile ‘o’ ring. These components introduce security to the microduct connector in the form of the grip strength and corrosion resistance of stainless steel and the suitability of nitrile rubber in the sealing of compressed air systems.

Caladen End Stops offer dirt, water and gas protection to micro duct tubing in the most demanding of conditions.


Caladen end stop microduct fittings are tested to the industry standard of

BS EN 50411-2-8:2009. Please download our Product Data Sheet for more technical information

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