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15J DB Connector

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15Joule Direct Buried Microduct Connector

15 Joule Direct Buried Connector

A range of 15 Joule (J) Direct Buried (DB) push fit straight connectors, reducers and end stops produced by Caladen Ltd,  that utilise a black polycarbonate body strengthened by both vertical and horizontal ribs.

These features enable the fittings to exceed both a 15J impact and 450N crush test.   These 15J DB fittings are ergonomically designed to join microduct by being pushed onto a clean cut duct/tube end. A seal is made with internal O-rings.  The design of the connectors, which incorporates internal stainless steel grip rings, prevents accidental separation of the connector from the microduct once installed.


A ‘positive click’ collet in trademark Caladen green ensures hassle free interaction between microduct and the Caladen 15J DB fitting.


Security is further enhanced by the installation of removable locking clips specifically designed to avoid the unintentional removal of the duct from the fitting in service. Removal of the duct is achieved by pushing the green collet inwards after the locking clip has been removed. No tools are required for the insertion or removal of the Caladen 15J DB fittings from the duct.

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15Joule Direct Buried Microduct Connector